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package main
import (
var LocalMessages = message.Messages{}
var MessageCache string
// ReadMessages shows the messages in LocalMessages sorted by importance, 10 at a time
func ReadMessages() {
// Use LocalMessages to get the messages and get the sorted list of messages
// through the MessageList method
msgs := LocalMessages.MessageList()
// Loop through the messages and print them
for i, m := range msgs {
if i%10 == 9 {
fmt.Println("Press enter to continue... Type anything to stop")
contp := Readline()
if contp != "" {
func WriteMessage() {
// Get a message and an urgency from the user.
// The urgency is used to set the strength of the Proof of Work
// If there is a message in the MessageCache, ask the user if they want to use it
// If there is no message in the MessageCache, ask the user to write a message
var m string
if MessageCache != "" {
fmt.Println("You wrote a message before that you didn't send yet. Do you want to use that message?")
fmt.Println("The message is:", MessageCache)
fmt.Println("Type 'yes' to use the message, or anything else to write a new message")
usep := Readline()
if usep == "yes" {
fmt.Println("Using message from cache")
m = MessageCache
} else {
fmt.Println("Writing new message")
m = usep
} else {
fmt.Println("Write a message:")
m = Readline()
fmt.Println("Enter an urgency (higher is stronger but takes longer to produce): ")
var urgency int
fmt.Println("How many seconds should we wait for the POW to be done? (default is 5): ")
var powtime int
if powtime == 0 {
powtime = 5
// Create a new message object
msg, err := message.New(m, urgency, time.Now().Unix(), time.Duration(powtime)*time.Second)
if err != nil {
fmt.Println("Want to try again with another urgency or timeout? (y/n)")
contp := Readline()
if contp == "y" {
MessageCache = m
// MessageCache can be discarded after this point
MessageCache = ""
// Add the message to LocalMessages
// Ask if the user wants to write another message or save the messages to the database
fmt.Println("Do you want to write another message? (y/n)")
contp := Readline()
if contp == "y" {
} else {
fmt.Println("Do you want to save the messages to the database? (y/n)")
contp := Readline()
if contp == "y" {
func TrimMessages() {
// Get the number of messages to keep from the user
fmt.Println("How many messages do you want to keep?")
var keep int
// Trim the messages